To determine if the KPR therapy is suitable for you, we recommend you to inquire for an intake appointment at the KPR location in your area. This way the physiotherapist can help you to decide if the treatment can be effective considering your specific complaints. You can contact a KPR location of choice to acquire more information about this intake appointment.


The KPR therapy consist of a total of 3 treatments which on average necessary to maintain the effects of the therapy and to keep the stabilized position of the spine and pelvis. The treatments will take place in with intervals of 2 to 3 weeks. The first treatment will take up to one hour, the second and third each take up half an hour.

Measurements and insole trainers

Every consultation you will be treated with the Krullaards Perfect Reset plate. Before and after the treatment on the plate several neurovascular measurements will take place such nerve functioning and blood flow. Possibly additional physiotherapy will be provided. At the first treatment the special KPR insole trainers are provided which will aid you to maintain the treatment effects (the alignment of the pelvis).